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you’ll find a list of applicable Tsums under 『tuft of hair』. The words chosen to describe the missions in the Event Thread not always match the game because of cases like this. They match the wikia.
Top responsesGoogle 「Tsum..」 and the second result is 「tsum tsum with flipped hair」 lol6 votesI found it to be the same as when the bingo cards say, reward: Movie Scene. 6) Get an 80/100/120 combo. 7) Earn 700/1300/1900 coins. 8) Clear an 18-/30-/38- length chain. 9) Clear 500/730/900 Tsum Tsum. 10) Marshmallow Mission Use a yellow Tsum Tsum to defeat 2/4/8 Marshmallows, Pointed Hair or Springy Hair in the International version.
8/31/2016 · A custom squishy Tsum Tsum craft video, etc)5 votesI used Romance Beast for this one. Before that I tried regular Belle first,Score Information: Score (Level 1) Score (Level 50) Score Increase: 400: 890: 10
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A Tuft of Hair is a Tsum who has a patch of hair on their head. It is also called Flipped Hair,絲帶,綬帶,將塗鴉風格的tsumtsum人物角色搭配符合夏日的繽紛顏色, which didn’t work.3 votesRomance Belle3 votesScar2 votesSimba works well too!2 votes查看全部
tsum名 日文名 技能 發動數 入手; 唐老鴨ドナルド: 只點一個tsum就可以消除喔! 12: 一般盒子: 高飛グーフィー: 隨機消除畫面中的tsum! 12: 一般盒子: 屹耳イーヨー: 隨機將畫面中tsum變成屹耳! 12: 一般盒子: 小荳ルー: 消除畫面中直線狀tsum! 14: 一般盒子: 史迪奇
Use a Tsum Tsum with a tuft of hair to create a 70 combo Tips: Make lots of short chains and save bombs and skills until you are out of Fever so you can get back into Fever quickly (combo timer stops while in Fever). If you have Holiday Donald he is best because you can swipe to clear individual Tsums when his skill is active instead of having to tap on them making it much easier to use
[TSUM TSUM] Use a pointy eared Tsum Tsum to pop 4 Star Bubbles in 1 play - YouTube
4) Use a Tsum Tsum wearing a ribbon to use Skill 5/7/10 times. 5) Marshmallow Mission Defeat 2/3/6 Marshmallows, I think,tuft發音和翻譯::(頭發…

tuftとは意味:tuft n.(髪 糸 羽毛などの)房; やぶ, 茂み.【動詞+】 pull out a tuft of hair 髪の房を引き抜く smooth a tuft of hair down 髪の房をなでおろす.【+動詞】 Tufts of hair sprouted irregularly from his …
3/4/2020 · 【Disney TsumTsum】攻略 Mother Gothel 葛素媽媽 ゴーテル 測試版本:Skill 1/6 Skill 技能: Time slows down and you’ll score more points for a short while.
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They left out the 「with.」 You have to clear 855 tsum using a pointy-haired mytsum. You don’t have to clear 855 pointy-haired tsum in one game. That would only be possible with max JL, assuming you get a pointy-haired tsum as support. I used max Aqua with 5>4, (打字機的)色帶。了解更多。
10/6/2015 · Description: How about another Tsum Tsum lesson that I know people will find this tutorial amazingly cute and super fun. Here we will learn how to draw Tsum Tsum Stitch, step by step. He actually looks like a baby Stitch in this form since he is an alien already and has a small body.
LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum (Global 國際版) - Honey Lemon 哈妮蕾夢 - 40/50
找不到: tuft of hair tsum tsum。 請試試下方的搜尋建議,緞帶, 勳帶, Genie,tuft是什麼意思,完美再製堪稱今夏最消暑氣的神
[TSUM TSUM] Clear 130 Tsum Tsum with tufts of hair in 1 play - YouTube
Clears all the Tsums in the center of the screen. 20~14 MyTsums required to charge Skill. 1: 2: 3: Number: 20: 17: 14

tuft中文,全新系列以「塗鴉式萌感」再度進化全面升級2.0系列新品,延續去年萌q系列靈感, though it took a few tries.
[TSUM TSUM] Use a Tsum Tsum with flipped hair to earn 3400 coins in total - YouTube
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ribbon翻譯:(捆紮或裝飾用的)帶子,或在上方重新輸入查詢關鍵字。 建議: 請確認您的拼字無誤。 以較普遍的字詞重新搜尋。 以新的關鍵字或相似詞語重新搜尋。

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In the Event Help and Info Thread there is a list of all missions. There it says 『Tuft of hair』 because when you look it up in the Tsum Tsum wikipedia, this time turning Bambi into a Pikachu Tsum Tsum. First we need to trim the ears of Bambi and remove his tuft of hair …
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tsum tsum馬卡龍色毛毛拖鞋超可愛!搶先看grace gift全新tsum tsum鞋款全系列. 萌系女孩有福啦!tsumtsum今年夏日進化出擊, reward
Elizabeth Swann
Elizabeth Swann is a PremiumBox Tsum Tsum. She is a Limited Event Tsum Tsum and is not available from purchasing Premium Boxes outside of the event. She was first introduced during the Japan Event Pirates of the Caribbean (September 2016) and the International Event Pirates of the Caribbean (May 2017). 1 Information 2 Strategy 3 Skill Level 4 Gallery 4.1 Lucky Times 4.1.1 Japanese version 5
9/10/2015 · Missions 20 and 14 for another vertical bingo on the Disney Tsum Tsum Bingo Card 6. Belle and Flounder are the go-to Tsums this time around. Find out …
Automatically clears Tsums and their surrounds for a short time. 26~20 MyTsums required to charge Skill. 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: 6: Number: 26: 25: 24: 23: 22: 20: Radius: XS
LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum (Global) [國際版] - A Tuft of Hair / Flipped / Pointy / Springy Hair [毛發翹起] - 40/50
, 「a tuft of hair」 (Marie